I certainly hope not

Also I don’t know why I want to eat something so bad right now.  There’s a butterfinger in the fridge but I totally have to have some sort of self control.  Even though I already ate half of it…

Sometimes I do things because I think “I’m bored, it’ll be fine to do this”  

Then I do the thing and I’m like “this is sort of making me feel bad.”

Then afterwards I’m like “why did I do that, that was so stupid”

and then I have to go on tumblr because my mom isn’t answering her phone and Kyle’s at work so I have no one to talk to about all the stupid things I did.

I’m ok now

in the prince’s bed

Sylvia Plath photographed after committing suicide.

I ate my way into a hole tonight.  A hole named self hatred.

wtf adam green

nobody wants to hang out with you

Just the love of my life and me
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